Thursday, October 17, 2013


Today was almost perfect. Almost, because unfortunately Tyler has been at work all day, Tyler would have made it perfect. But it was close. To someone else looking in on my "stay-at-home mom" life, today wouldn't have seemed much different from any other day. But to me it was special. I had one of those moments mothers rave about with each one of my kiddos. The moments we try to explain to people who don't have children but it's just impossible to explain. You have to feel it to understand it. 
My day went like this:
Woke up and started my day with a conversation with my Heavenly Father.
Woke up the kids. Ate breakfast with them.
Dropped Parker off at school, got an extra hug and kiss before he ran off to the playground.
Came home and made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with Rylan. She loved every second of it. 

Fed Noel several chocolate chips.
Watched Rylan lick the mixing paddle clean.
Sat on the couch with my girls. Sang songs with them as Noel sat on my lap. After a few songs she grabbed my hands, moved them aside and put her head on my chest, wrapping her arms around me for several minutes.
Picked Parker up and listened to him tell me about his walk-a-thon and new library book.
After lunch, the kids rode their bikes around the neighborhood while I pushed Noel in the stroller and attempted to control my parents puppy Nika on her leash. 

Along our way we collected pretty Fall leaves off the ground.
Made homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner.
Watched my kids devour it!
Spent 1/2 hour working on Parker's " family homework project". We all had so much fun.

Gave the kids a bath.
Climbed in bed with my fresh little babies and read books.  
Said our nighttime prayers.
Cuddled with all three at the same time. 
Talked to Parker about moving to our new house and about being a big boy. Got an extra hug and kiss.
And I even got to watch my show... Parenthood... After all my babies were asleep. 

For many, that was a very long list of nothing extraordinary. But to me, it was several little moments reminding me that I have the best job in the world.

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